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5 rules of safe fireworks

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5 правил безопасного фейерверка

1. How to buy

The store should have a license!

To have a right to sell fireworks companies should have a license from the Estonian Technical Supervision Department, comply with the conditions of sale, transportation and storage of fireworks and sell only legal and safe fireworks and other pyrotechnical product.

Not safe:

To buy pyrotechnics privately or in stores that do not have a license. Fakes or improperly stored fireworks can work unpredictably. For example, a fuse can burn out before people have time to go to a safe distance.

How to check a store’s license online?

You can enter a license number or company name on the website of the Technical Supervision Department of Estonia and receive authentication. For example, click and check this number: LPK000118.

2. How to store and transport

Fireworks can be transported like any other product. But avoid carrying pyrotechnics in your pocket. Fireworks cannot be turned upside down or put in a bag on their side.

Please store fireworks in spaces where children and pets cannot find them.

Avoid temperature differences

Due to the temperature difference (on a cold balcony), damp may condense and wet the fireworks. It is better to store simply in a dry, warm place, avoiding heating appliances.

3. Remember about pets!

Have you seen a movie with a dog that grabbed a working firework and began to run with it? Fortunately, the dog survived.

To avoid disaster, please lock pets at home or hold them tightly on a leash.

Take care of cats!

The cats which are scared of loud sounds like to hide under sofas or in the bathroom. If your cat is like this, prepare a bowl of water and food for it there.

4. How to make fireworks

Set fireworks
in a steady position

Tamp the snow. Surround the fireworks with rocks or snow. Immerse Roman candles in the snow for at least two-thirds!

Do not do fireworks
in a strong wind

The wind can drop the fireworks or blow out the sparks, for example, towards your car.

Make sure that people around are ready to start

Do not scare your grandmother with an unexpected firework, otherwise, all your plans for the evening can suddenly change.

If the fuse is broken,
do not set fire to the stump!

Fortunately, some fireworks for this occasion have a second fuse. It can be set on fire.

Make fireworks
no closer than 20 meters
from people, cars and buildings!

And do not forget to move! You need to go away, turning your back to the fireworks.

Do not insert fireworks where they should
not be inserted according to instructions

We did not believe it, but Youtube videos transformed our understanding of the boundaries of human stupidity. Your eyes and fingers are much more expensive than likes and views!

Fire the fuse at the arm’s length!

Never lean over the firework!

5. If something went wrong

If you set firework on fire and it didn’t work, you can only approach it after 20 minutes!

Defective fireworks must be filled with water and given to the seller. The seller will not only refund you or replace the product but will also safely dispose of it.

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5 правил безопасного фейерверка

Save and share it with friends!