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Purchase information


Last update: 19/11/2017


    • These Terms are valid for all legal relations that arise between all persons and the owner of xfire.ee online store, Xforce Airsoft OÜ company (hereinafter referred to as the Xfire e-store).
    • In addition to these Terms, legal relations, that arise during the purchase of goods on the Xfire e-store, are governed by legal acts of the Republic of Estonia.
    • It is mandatory to read these Terms.
    • o Xforce Airsoft OÜ company has the right to change and update these Terms and price lists with the purpose of the e-store development, as well as in the interest of the reliability of use increase. Changes to the Terms and price lists are visible on the www.velomania.ee website. Changes and updates to the Terms and price lists come into force from the moment of publication on www.xfire.ee. If the order was made before the new Terms and Conditions come to force, it would be processed according to the previous version, except in cases provided by law or these requirements.
    • Xforce Airsoft OÜ company has the right to refuse to execute the order if the buyer does not meet the requirements of Article § 41 of The Explosive Substances Act. Learn more about the Explosive Substances Act on https://www.riigiteataja.ee/akt/LMS


    • All www.xfire.ee e-store prices are provided in Euro and include 20% VAT.
    • If you did not choose the “Pick Up” option, purchase below 55 Euros would include delivery cost.
    • The range and prices available on the www.xfire.ee e-store may differ from the range and prices in the Xforce Airsoft OÜ company’s offline stores.
    • Xforce Airsoft OÜ company has the right to change the prices in the e-store at any time.
    • Prices on the Xfire e-store are valid in case of timely invoice payment of the invoice.


    • If you are under 18 years old, you are not allowed to make any order on the e-store.
    • Choose a product / products and click “add to cart”.
    • You can change the number of items in your shopping cart.
    • Be careful when you fill in the fields with information about the product and the recipient because delivery speed depends on the accuracy of data.
    • Choose the way of delivery.
    • Choose the proper way of payment.
    • Confirm that you agree with the Terms and Conditions of the e-store by ticking the appropriate box.
    • To submit an order, click the button “Confirm the order”.
    • The contract of sale is considered as concluded (entered into force) from the moment the said amount is on the Xforce Airsoft OÜ company’s settlement account.


  • To pay for the goods, choose the convenient way of payment on the checkout page.
  • The order can be paid in the following ways using the Internet bank (Swedbank, SEB, Luminor, LHV, Coop).
  • Xforce Airsoft OÜ company is responsible for the processing of personal data. Xforce Airsoft OÜ company transfers the personal data necessary for making payments to an authorized data processor Maksekeskus AS.
  • o After the payment click the button “TAGASI KAUPMEHE JUURDE” on the payment page. You will see a payment confirmation message and then receive an order confirmation email.
  • If you have chosen a “Pick Up” option, you can pay for the order in cash, by card or by direct transfer to the Xforce Airsoft OÜ company’s settlement account.
  • If you have chosen a way of courier delivery, you can directly transfer the payment to the Xforce Airsoft OÜ company’s settlement account.
  • The order and invoice can be canceled if the invoice is not paid during the said time or if you did not come to pick up the order for 7 working days.


    • In accordance with paragraph 3.9, after the contract of the sale came into force, the goods should be delivered to the address specified in the order by the time agreed by the contact phone number.
    • When accepting an order, the buyer must get the approval that the recipient does not contradict the conditions, specified in paragraph 33 of the Explosive Substances Act.
    • Goods are delivered to the buyer within the territory of the Republic of Estonia.
    • If the buyer has chosen the way of delivery by a courier, then the package should be delivered by the courier within 1-5 working days if the goods are in stock. The maximum delivery time is 5 working days.
    • In a case when the product you have chosen is not in stock and it should be ordered from the supplier, or in other cases beyond the control of Xforce Airsoft OÜ company where timely delivery of goods is not possible, we will inform you about the delay by the contact phone number specified in the order or by Email during 2 days from the date of the contract of sale entry into force based on paragraph 3.9, and indicate the new delivery time for the ordered goods. If due to the delay of the delivery period, you are no longer interested in the purchase, you have the right to cancel the order, and the amount you paid (including shipping costs) will be returned to you. After the goods are given to the courier, the courier will contact you to specify the convenient time of the delivery.
    • The goods will be delivered to the buyer using third-party transport services. If you chose a “Pick Up” option, you can pick up your order in the Xfire stores: in December at Punane str., 16, Tallinn, from January to November at Endla str., 92, Tallinn.
    • If the order amount is equal to or bigger than 55 Euros, delivery on the territory of Estonia is free. If the order amount is less, the buyer pays 2.50 Euros (only in Tallinn) and 6 euros (the rest of Estonia).
    • Please ensure that the contact details are correct to avoid delays and misunderstandings during delivery. Xforce Airsoft OÜ company and the transport service company are not responsible for delivery delays and other misunderstandings if they are caused by inaccuracy or incorrectness of the data you entered.


    • Regarding the goods purchased in the e-store, there is the right of return, which applies for 14 days.
    • The returned goods should not have defects, should be unused, in a complete set with the original packaging.
    • To issue the return of goods, you must notify us about the return by Email address info@tehnopluss.ee
    • In a case of cancellation of the contract of sale, the buyer must immediately return the purchased goods, but no later than 30 days after the notice of derogation from the contract.
    • The costs associated with returning the goods are borne by the buyer.
    • o Regarding the goods, which are sold in the e-store, the 2-year term for claims submission applies. This term is specified in Part 2 of Article 218 of the Law on Debts. Learn more about the Law on Debts on https://www.riigiteataja.ee/akt/108072011021
    • Xforce Airsoft OÜ company is not responsible for:
  1. The problems with functioning / damage of the product caused by your fault;
  2. Defects of the product, which appeared as a result of improper use;


    • The user of the service gives Xforce Airsoft OÜ company a clear and informed agreement for the processing of the user’s data.
    • The buyer’s data specified by the user during the Order placement and provided to Xforce Airsoft OÜ company is being added to the customer list and then is being used for sales service and goods proposals to the Service User.
    • The source of personal data is the start of customer relations at the moment of the order placement in the e-store.
    • The registered personal data includes information about the order Service User has made – last name, name (s), street, house number, apartment number, town or city, zip code, phone number, address, way of delivery, way of payment used, agreement with the Terms and Conditions of the e-store.
    • The buyer’s data, necessary for the delivery of goods, is provided to the transport / courier services company.
    • The protection of personal data is ensured by all safety measures arising from the Law.
    • Xforce Airsoft OÜ company commits not to transfer provided personal data to unauthorized persons.
    • Xforce Airsoft OÜ company reserves the right to transfer personal data of the buyer to persons who have a legal right to receive it and who process the data to fulfill the law commitments, as well as to persons who have a legal right to receive the data to protect life, health or freedom of the buyer or other person.
    • The buyer has the right to check personal data as well as to change it or ask to remove the personal data from the registered list.
    • The buyer agrees that the Xfire e-store will send the order confirmation to the Email address provided during the order placement.
    • Xforce Airsoft OÜ company is responsible for the processing of users’ data. Xforce Airsoft OÜ company transfers the personal data necessary for making payments to an authorized data processor Maksekeskus AS.
    • Xforce Airsoft OÜ company is liable to you, and you are liable to Xforce Airsoft OÜ company for damage caused to the other party by a violation of these Terms and Conditions in the cases and to the extent established by the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.
    • Xforce Airsoft OÜ company is not liable for any damage or delay in the delivery of goods if the damage or the delay are caused by circumstances that Xforce Airsoft OÜ company could not affect, and the happening of which Xforce Airsoft OÜ company did not foresee and could not foresee (force majeure).


  • If you have questions, which are not covered by these Terms, the parties are governed by the operating laws of the Republic of Estonia.

Disputes that arise between you and Xforce Airsoft OÜ company related to the orders and purchases made in the Xfire e-store are settled by the parties with the help of negotiations. If an agreement cannot be reached, you have the right to apply to the Department of Consumer Rights Protection or the Harju County Court to protect your rights. When resolving disagreements, the parties proceed in terms of the current legislation of the Republic of Estonia