Pole Paha

Pole Paha

Meters height: 55 m
Shots: 75
Duration: 150 sek
Brand: Arnika
Caliber: 50 mm
Dimensions: 850 × 320 × 320 cm

75 very powerful shots, very high and going far onto the sky. The width of all 75 shot tubes is 50 mm. (shot caliber) This is a maximum caliber allowed in Estonia that can be sold to an ordinary resident.

Each shot is accompanied by a strong sound that you will definitely feel in your stomach 🙂
You will see 8 different multi-colored majestic chrysanthemums in the sky.

«We have chosen it for our wedding. It was very hot! The guests were shocked and thought it was worth a fortune.

We preferred a slower and quieter option because we didn’t want to repeat a New Year’s feeling. And it was the right decision! The Firework was fabulous!»

Tatjana Kartsepp

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